Mission, Vision and Values


To offer maritime support solutions for the entire offshore energy sector logistics chain, with safe, innovative and sustainable conditions.


By 2025, we want to be a CBO capable of generating a positive impact on everything we do. In this sense, in a passionate way, we work to be:

– Top of mind in relationships, operational excellence, reliability and innovation with customers, partners and suppliers;

– Best place to work, with intentional safety, diversity, inclusion and appreciation actions, for employees on land and at sea;

– A company capable of generating financial return and brand reputation for shareholders;

– An integral and sustainable company, which respects and is respected by society in general.


1. Safety:

“We respect human life, always putting people first.”

2. Attendance:

“We establish reliable relationships and delight our internal and external customers.”

3. Sustainability:

“We preserve and seek alternatives to reduce environmental impacts and build empathetic relationships with the communities where we operate.”

4. Results:

“We think and act like an owner. We always strive to do more and better.”

5. Integrity:

“We do the right things even when no one is looking.”

6. People:

“We are diverse, inclusive and take care of our people on land and at sea.”

7. Innovation:

“Create an atmosphere of innovation in the company. Give and create spaces for new ideas.”


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